Our hand dyed ‘Color Musings’ are a chance for me to let loose! 🌈 It’s my chance to visit my wild side. They are always meant to complement our semi-solid colors! 

Capi Mettler-Puszcz was raised in a Fiber Arts family. In the late 60’s her father, textile artist Don Mettler, owned a weaving studio, and later a needlepoint shop in Detroit. She worked after school, and every Saturday, in the family business for 12 years. When I finally escaped, to go to college, I put all that fiber behind me.” Twenty years later, she saw a knitted/felted purse, her hairdresser received as a gift. The hiatus was over, and a prolific knitter was born.
She opened, The Yarn and I, LLC in May 2014. She began using acid dyes, to get the colors she wanted. “Color has always been, very important to me: it’s almost been an obsession.” NEW ...It took me a while to experiment, and finally get to where I am now. Last summer, I started over; with a new dye company, a whole new process, and repeatable formulas for semi solids, and tonal color ways.

All our semi solid colors are dyed in batches of 3 or 4 skeins. The dyes are measured to the nearest 100th, and our specialized process results in beautifully clear and sharp color ways. We are happy to accept special orders, and will dye formulary colors on your choice of several bases. Please be aware; each base accepts dyes differently, and there can be slight color variations. We feel this difference, accentuates the beautiful nuances, of hand dyed yarns.

Name Change to The Yarn And Us 01/03/2020Brian, is the love of my life! He has been the “guy with my back” for 42 years. He has always been my financial backer, and I figured it was time to give him a more prominent role. In January, the business name changed to “The Yarn And Us.” Then I found the logo, of the couple under an umbrella. That’s us! 

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